Mapro Strawberry Festival

The Mapro Strawberry Festival at Mapro Garden around Easter Weekend in March / April, has become a much awaited annual event. Started four years ago, when strawberry production far exceeded market demand, Mapro conceptualised this unique four-day festival dedicated to promoting strawberries, encouraging overall fruit consumption and boosting tourism in Mahableshwar and Panchgani.

General Information

The Festival has grown in size over the years with a turnout of thousands of enthusiasts. Through the Festival, tourists get to experience Mapro’s array of products and state-of-the-art technology. The Festival showcases raw strawberries and innovative strawberry-based products such as strawberry pizza, strawberry bhel, chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberry sandwiches among others.

The four-day event also includes free strawberry farm visits, Mapro Food Park visits, and other cultural and entertainment activities. Over 250 farmers from nearby villages participate in the festival, opening their farms to tourists, and Mapro garden offers strawberries that you can eat to your heart’s content, completely free!